No Way Event: Shop with HUD!

Timeleft for Item Submittion

Product Submittion Form for Round #09-2022, 2nd-3rd June:

➩Important: Pay each round to Nowayevent Resident inworld.
Special Offer: Submit up to 2 items regular for 100L$ per round and Sponsor for 200L$.
Each round: Regular = 100 | Sponsor = L$200 (features your item/s in the first 2 pages of HUD).

**You can submit up to 2 items for this round, sponsor or regular respectively.
•Sponsor: Your item/s get secured on the first 2 pages of the sales HUD.
NOTE: To fully guarantee your place in the HUD you must pay. The designer who does not meet our requirements to participate will receive a full refund.

Important instructions:
• Please have your items for No Way sale ready and setup Wednesday in order for our setup staff to be able to check it before the sale starts.
Your set up should be ready by Wednesday 23:59 PM SLT (Day Before). This is the ultimate Deadline you can't cross. If you are not ready by this hour, our setup staff checking out each store will remove those with no items out from the shopping HUD as we can't send people to stores that do not have anything out for sale.
• Don't Forget to place our sign near your vendor!
• Please make sure that you sell new items or if it's re-used, must be at least a month old retired from other events. This item can be sold at your store once the event is over.
If you have any questions, we will be happy to assist.
No Way Event Staff:
Puzzlemagnet Resident & Gordon Petrovic - Owners
Nowayevent Resident - Coordinator/Manager